Do you need business contacts abroad ?

Are you interested in this information ?
My homepage is intended to help busineses to introduce their products or servises to people at home or abroad. At the same time it might help to crete new jobs.

For many years I have run my own business and have gained valuable experience in establishing contacts with companies, which I want to make available.

If you wish I can provide you with information concerning import and export of goods. I might be able to give advice where you can find a new market for your products. If you looking for a particular product I can offer information where to find it.

The list of products I cover includes:
engines - cars - food - bicycles - motorbikes - metals - optics - paper trade - kitchen equipment - edb - clothing - building materials - etc.
Do you have your own homepage ?     If you wish I can add your URL address to my links.
Please send me an e-mail and I will try to help you.

Yours Svend Kotzke

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